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The 319th FIS Association is an organization of former officers and airmen of the 319th spanning all  eras from its inception in 1942 until its final de-activation.



The purpose of the 319th FIS Association is to promote awareness of the service to the United States of America of the members of the 319th FIS Association, Inc. and recognize the importance of the dedication of these members in the defense and protection of their country. To promote fellowship  among the 1245 identified and located members of the 319th FIS Association, Inc.



Our goal is to find as many members of the various 319th squadrons and  reunite them at our reunions. Membership is limited to persons whoever served in or were attached to the 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (319th FIS) during its activation period in the year 1942 until its final de-activation.


The Grissom Air Museum, located in  Peru, Indiana is home for the 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. The website is; www.grissomairmuseum.com.


If you are a person, or know a person, who was part of the 319th FIS during the period  1942-1977, we would certainly like to hear from you.  Please click here 'Contact Us'                                           


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